Rick Springfield - Orchestrating My Life - Limited Edition Special Box Set - 4 x CDs & Signed Postcard

The Australian rocker returns with his 17th studio album. This limited edition, special box set consists of 1) The main 'Orchestrating My Life' CD album (newly recorded Orchestral versions of a lifetime of hits and one new song), 2) Instrumental versions CD, 3) Orchestra Only versions CD, 4) In Conversation where Rick tells you himself, the story behind each song. Also included is a postcard personally signed by Rick Springfield.

We will ship from our New York or London office. CDs 2,3 and 4 will never be available in stores and are only available direct. CD 1, the main album is available in all stores on general release day April 26th.

Orchestrating My Life

'Orchestrating My Life' is career-defining re-visitation of a lifetime of hits from Australian-born rocker Rick Springfield. The album, released April 26th 2019 features all the hits you know re-recorded with an electrifying mix of rock and orchestral arrangements. Rick's seventeenth studio album features new versions of 'Jessie's Girl', 'Don't Talk To Strangers', 'Love Somebody', 'Human Touch' and eight other classics . Also included is the brand new song 'Irreplaceable', a song dedicated to Rick's mother who he lost recently. The album gets its full orchestral premiere in LA's Saban Theatre on March 30th. Rick will be touring the record with symphony orchestras throughout the US and world in 2019 and beyond.



Rick Springfield is back with his brand new single 'Irreplaceable' which is dedicated to his mother, who passed away 2 years ago. Rick takes pride in his lyrics, and finds writing the best method of relaxation. Following the death of his mother with whom he was very close, he wrote the moving 'Irreplaceable', the first song of many dedicated to her. The powerful and heartfelt chorus 'you're irreplaceable to me' explains what his mother's life meant to him.

There are five tracks on the single, four orchestral versions of the song highlighting different instruments, including a poignant yet uplifting cello track.



Hear "Kristina" like you've never heard it before in this five-track single devoted to one of Rick Springfield's best-loved songs, re-recorded with an orchestra.

"Kristina" is a spirited, passionate song with the powerful chorus: "Kristina, take me away, take me away with you" which will loop around your mind from the very first time you hear it. These brand new orchestral versions take the song to new heights, adding a cinematic dimension which enhances the track's emotive value. Five different orchestral renditions of the song on the "Kristina" single include instrumental orchestral versions as well as others with Rick's vocals. Special attention is paid to the cello in one charming rendition. "Jessie's Girl" is one of Rick's most acclaimed songs, and the one-of-a-kind piano and cello orchestral rendition that is the fifth and final track on the single is an added bonus.